Which construction materials are most used today

The change of climate has made the living environment of people increasingly threatened, standing at the risk that countries are focusing on economic development towards green growth, to meet that demand. Construction material production is also increasingly changing to meet a better way, with the introduction of intelligent building materials, green building materials, energy saving and environmentally friendly. ..... With those strict requirements of the market, the built projects are also gradually replacing the traditional materials for their projects. From sand and gravel materials to concrete as well as the use of surface cladding to replace grout and paint, traditional trays are favored by domestic and foreign markets, widely used in any area of construction

Which panel has so many advantages?

Alubond aluminum cladding USA is a new material that always stands at the top in the search for construction materials in 2018. always create a modern look for the project. Moreover, durability is very high, Alubond USA is not inferior to traditional materials such as stone, brick.

Alubond USA aluminum cladding is made up of 2 layers of aluminum above and below, in the middle is a plastic core layer, this plastic core layer is the primary plastic layer, fireproof plastic. Thickness of Alubond USA cladding is usually from 3mm - 6mm, thickness of aluminum layer is from 0.30mm - 0.50mm. Standard size Alubond USA cladding from 1250mm x 3200mm, 1500mm x 4000mm depending on customer requirements, colors are very diverse and rich with nearly 30 color samples for customers to choose freely.

With natural weather conditions, the material is not corroded or oxidized. The bottom aluminum and aluminum foil of Alubond USA sheet has been surface treated to form a durable aluminum oxide layer before being painted. The most outstanding feature of this Alubond USA sheet is about 1/3 of that of granite. Aluminum is one of the materials that best reflect with ultraviolet and electromagnetic waves, so Alubond USA cladding can be The material used to paint the aluminum layer of the Alubond USA sheet is using PVDF kynar 500 (more than 70% PVDF plastic) or Fluoropolymer coating. Used world famous brands such as Akzo Nobel, Australia, Switzerland, P.P.G, U.S.A should be able to withstand high temperatures from 650 degrees C

Besides the advantages of the paint, the heat resistance, sound insulation, fire resistance of the plate is extremely excellent. Fire resistance of panels is always evaluated in the top of materials with high fire resistance index.

Alubond USA is a recyclable material. Since it is an environmentally friendly green material, the quality indicator is a recyclable ability that is also essential for each material. In the surface paint, TiO2 when exposed to sunlight, it acts as a catalyst in breaking down organic substances, anti-mildew, easy to clean. On the other hand, due to the high density of the nano coating, Alubond USA can prevent dust, water, and dirt from being washed by rain water without cleaning with detergents. Therefore, using Alubond USA nano can reduce the cost of cleaning and maintenance in high-rise buildings.
Alubond USA is very useful in reducing heat in buildings because it has a high Solar Reflectivity Index (SRI). Therefore, if new cities planning to use large Alubond USA will significantly reduce the urban heat island effect that could be harmful to the natural environment.
Advantages in the construction process:
- Reduce the total construction cost: Although the construction price of Alubond USA is quite high, but with the insulation feature, when using Alubond USA, it is possible to ignore the traditional insulation materials in the project. On the other hand, because of the direct cladding, the total cost can be deducted for plastering, painting ...
- Good insulation also leads to low energy consumption in cooling systems, which is useful for owners.
- Fast construction: This advantage is extremely important, especially in the time of expensive labor, time is really money, rapid construction will bring maximum profits for construction contractors.

Alubond USA aluminum cladding is an innovation in modern architectural style, it has the optimal characteristics in construction as well as ensuring aesthetic requirements. However, we must be aware of its benefits and drawbacks to be able to use it according to its own requirements. This means we have to find out the product specifications and specifications so that we can choose the best and most suitable products for our project.