The role of the roof

A roof is an indispensable cover when building houses, buildings and any constructions. For special buildings and structures, a roof performs many functions, all of which are associated with protection. Each different element and part of the roof has certain protection functions.

Protect people

The basic purpose of any roof is to protect internal users from adverse impacts. This purpose is necessary everywhere in the world because the roof helps to resist changes in weather, such as rain, snow, hail, hail and strong winds, hot sun. Without a roof, the internal user will be directly exposed to all these weather changes and therefore, will also suffer from physical illnesses due to this exposure.

Property protection

Without a roof, not only residents of humans will become vulnerable to changing weather, and so will the other properties within. Items such as furniture, equipment, carpets, artwork and clothing will quickly be destroyed by rain or wind. In addition, the basic interior will be destroyed by the weather, from floors, to doors and walls.

Bring aesthetics to the house

In addition to the protection function, the roof also has a great role in bringing the aesthetics of the building both inside and outside. For the inner ceiling, you can decorate colors, images according to your ideas. Moreover, you can combine with other objects such as lanterns, chandeliers, ... creating a warm and luxurious feeling for the inner space. For the outer surface, you absolutely can create any shape, color you desire.


As the first line of defense for a building, acting as a giant umbrella in protecting people from a roof often suffers damage: High winds can damage the roof. Continued exposure to rain can leak roofs .... Because of this, a roof should be selected and carefully calculated before installation. A good roof must ensure elements of environmental conditions, durability and cost. Currently, there are many types of roofs to meet the diverse needs of customers.

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