The importance of color in architecture


After the design is completed, the choice of color schemes for architecture plays a big role. This is the last but very important step that determines the "emotions" that the project brings. A building can be beautiful, unique and attractive, but the color scheme does not show the difference of architecture, the idea is considered a failure.

Architecture and color must live in harmony to create a common visual space. Inside the psychological color, each color, in different conditions will bring different feelings, and thus give the building a different feel. Therefore, architectural experts all say that depending on the use, some colors will be selected to bring comfort to users.

A scientific investigation of how the brain processes information feels outside. The investigation aimed at both extreme internal perceptions known as sensory deficiencies and sensory overload leads to stimulation. From there, affirmed the importance of color design.

The results show that: An environment decorated with cold colors such as blue, indigo, green and green can reduce our temperature and another environment with warm colors like red, Orange or yellow can increase our temperature or reduce it with light. The meaning of colors can create feelings. Colors affect the image characteristics of the shape: Geometry, Size of the object, Image weight of the object.

The types of colors we use in architecture will strongly influence how we understand how they are built and how we feel it. The light outside and inside of buildings will also determine how we understand colors. Therefore, the choice of colors suitable for each architecture is extremely.

The first impression of an architecture is determined by their external color. Because, the brain prioritizes the processing of information that the eye sees first. Of course, from far away, we can only feel architecture through their surface.

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