Supplying materials

High engineering performance in Eurocs provides materials for Roofing, Façade and other special  import ones. Eurocs is able to achieve:


  • Great service life up to 50 years and more
  • Add on superior coating on Euro Profiled Sheet not only for aesthetic but also extend the system service life.
  • Non-sensitive to UV rays, resistant to microorganisms & resistant to ageing.
  • High resistance of suction load, wind suction, acoustic, thermal,…



  • Structural
  • High resitance materials under fire attack are tested


  • Low U-value system as low as 0.2 W/m2K. Reduce the heat transmission to inner building.
  • Insulating layer is functioning as air tight layer. Saving in air-conditional energy


  • High acoustic performance to the design requirement
  • Provide conform environment for occupiers in the building & avoid any background noise.
  • Eliminate the impact of rain noise, storm, whirlwind.


Euro system can be used as lightning conductor in conformity with requirements of EN 62305-3: 2006.