Some roofs on the structure of EuroZip vertical aluminum roof system

The EuroZip aluminum roof system is a self-standing metal roof system consisting of many layers of materials assembled and manufactured and processed by Europe Construction System Co., Ltd. in Vietnam.

As we all know, aluminum roofs are becoming more and more popular and used in many great projects because of its superior features compared to other types of roofs. In order to own such unique strengths, EuroZip vertical aluminum roof system has a very special structure:

Outer layer:

Aluminum alloy with vertical ribs. The thickness of the aluminum alloy layer is flexible from 0.7-1.2mm, so it can be manufactured with many different shapes such as: straight plates, tidbits, backward and forward. Moreover, the used alloy layer is imported from abroad, the coating coating method is directly rolled from the factory, the surface of the paint is smooth, the quality of aluminum is guaranteed, the ability to expand freely, in accordance with climate of Vietnam. Long roof panels, without horizontal joints: Rolled aluminum will be brought to the project, through the extruder system, stretched aluminum layer, without joints.

Insulation layer:

A layer of material beneath the aluminum that protects against water and moisture, ice, high temperatures and steam. Lining is usually mechanically installed or self-adhesive with a non-stick layer on the roof floor. Although there are many different types of lining, EuroZip's vertical aluminum roof system uses Rockwool mineral cotton - the most soundproof, heat-insulating and safest material in the world today.

Anchor clip:

A clip used to attach metal roof panels to the roof floor. The clip is placed on the vertical seam section of the bottom panel, then attached to the roof floor by screws. After the clip is placed on the bottom board, the top board is placed on the clip and the two boards are joined together or mechanically machined into place, firmly attached to the structure.

 Moisture-proof layer:

A thin layer of 1-2mm thick, placed between the insulation and the support floor against moisture, water, dust ... from the bottom penetrating into the insulating cotton layer.

Floor support:

It's a layer of aluminum below, in direct contact with the support floor, where the clips and the skeleton are fixed. This aluminum layer is also spread along the roof length

Supporting frame system:

It's a steel structure system that supports all upper layers. Proper arrangement of the skeleton will greatly simplify the construction.

Thanks to such a dense structure, the EuroZip vertical aluminum roof system has the following outstanding advantages:

- Very good soundproofing, sound absorption and thermal insulation: U Value 0.5 - 0.2 w / m2K; Sound insulation up to 25-50 dB, withstand wind pressure at a speed of 250 km / h (equivalent to wind level 16).

- 100% waterproof, non-leak: Because the eight panels do not use screws through the installation.

- Installation is fast, easy to maintain: The structure of the roof system is clear, continuous and uniform so the arrangement and construction are very fast. Moreover, the outer layer of aluminum uses continuous coating technology so the aluminum surface is smooth, easy to wash away obstacles obstructing the roof by a wind or light rain.

- It is possible to install many other applications on the roof, such as anti-slip systems, roof maintenance, solar batteries, even planting trees ... because the top layer of aluminum has vertical ribs, with a wave level. High and low flexibility, is a good condition for mounting other applications on the roof