Optimal fire protection solution for your project

Today the issue of fire and explosion is very much concerned by many people, and it is imperative that when you want to buy or build construction works. Therefore, in addition to the need to be equipped with a fire safety system, the use of fire-resistant materials in construction works should be focused.

As we have seen, once a fire incident occurs, a large loss of investment property is inevitable: money, effort, and decoration are quickly lost. Besides, there is trouble with the law when the lives of a large number of customers are affected at the works they manage to burn. All works are in danger of fire and explosion, when we comply with all requirements of fire protection, insurance and damage will be significantly reduced. One of the important requirements of fire prevention and fighting is the selection of fire resistant materials when building construction.


When selecting materials for a building, we must first look at the material specifications. A material called good, effective, when meeting the most criteria: An insulating material cannot only be insulating but also must be fire resistant, an insulating material cannot It is only soundproof, but it must also be heat-proof, fire-resistant, which helps to extend the ignition time, creating more time for everyone to escape safely.

Any material that is damaged by fire: brick walls, cement, steel trusses of the building all collapse after being burned after a while. What we need to consider is the fire state of the material: Is that material easy to catch? How is the fire spread of the material? Does the material burn out? When the material burns, does it crumble, does the fire burning fire cause spread through the area below?

With many years of experience in providing high-end construction products to the domestic market, European Construction Systems Co., Ltd. (EuroCS) would like to introduce Alubond USA aluminum cladding products - one of the answer products Best application of fire protection standards

Alubond aluminum cladding panels are in ACP panel (Aluminum composite panel) is a flat sheet construction material but can be easily bent, cut and punched. The structure of Alubond USA aluminum tiling compartment consists of 2 aluminum layers on the middle of the middle is fire retardant or plastic, the coated aluminum surface PET or PVDF

Fire resistance of Alubond USA aluminum cladding has been tested according to International Standard TC13501:

Depending on the core structure, there are different levels of fire resistance: Non-flammable type: 100% plastic core, ignites within 20s B-type fireproof: Structure of 75% plastic core of stone powder, 25% plastic, capable of fire resistance within 20 minutes Fire resistant type A2: Plastic core structure 92% stone powder, 8% plastic, capable of fire resistance within 30 minutes Therefore, when installing into a complete wall system it takes 2-3 hours to burn to the plate, which helps to extend the evacuation time when a fire occurs. Using Alubond USA aluminum cladding, when there is a fire, there will be less smoke, heat will not be lifted up, reduce fire spread not more than 5m. Thanks to the composition of stone powder in the core, Alubond USA aluminum cladding is capable of absorbing moisture from the air so that the fire extinguishes itself within 60 minutes.

With the above fire resistance, Alubond USA aluminum cladding is really an optimal solution not only for aesthetic but also for your work safety.