Integrated Eurozip aluminum roof with green building application

There is nothing to compare with the fascinating wonders of nature. In this day and age, preserving our natural environment becomes more important than ever. Eurozip aluminum roof system provides a perfect and balanced solution - it not only enhances the aesthetics of the building but also brings benefits to the ecological environment.

Eurozip aluminum roof slopes meet the technical requirements and unique design of each project. This lightweight aluminum roof system improves sound insulation, heat insulation and very good resources - essential features for smart and environmentally friendly architecture. Eurozip roof successfully combines environmental benefits with beautiful architectural design. The planting of green trees on the Eurozip roof creates a green environment-friendly environment like a natural carpet that changes with the seasons.

The features of the aluminum roof of Eurozip vertical slopes when combined with green buildings on the roof surface are a great thing:

• Aesthetically unique for the construction and recycling of CO 2 to O 2 creates a microbial climate around the building, blocking air pollutants and significantly improving air quality.

• Eurozip roofs can be easily integrated into green roofs easily

• When the trees have been removed, the Eurozip roof returns to the basic Eurozip aluminum roof

• Aluminum surface for long-term protection against root penetration and moisture.

• All materials are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

• Ensuring quick and easy installation without spending much time and effort.

• Significantly reduce the load placed on the drainage system and the delay in the discharge of excess rainwater into the internal drainage system

• Reducing the flow placed on sewers, reservoirs, sewage plants and rivers.

• About 30% of precipitation due to Eurozip aluminum roof retains the natural cycle by evaporation.

• Anti-slip devices that come with the roof installation ensure safety when walking on the toilet, cleaning, planting trees

Above is the application of Eurozip aluminum roof integration with green building application. You can find out more details about the product through: Eurozip aluminum roof system and accessories

Image Integrated Eurozip aluminum roof with green building application