Install the door on the roof

Roof doors bring unexpected benefits to the owner. However, will installing the door to the roof make us curious? So let us envision the basic steps to get a roof-to-roof door system

The EuroDor roof top door is delivered to your building site which is fully assembled with mounting slots for roof installation. The roof door must be installed correctly on the roof for optimal use. Correctly installing the door to the roof will also ensure a long service life, keep a valid guarantee, ensure only minimal maintenance, provide waterproofing and waterproofing, and ensure safe access to flat roofs.


The EuroDor roof door is provided with a complete setup guide so you always have the installation guide on hand. Below are brief instructions for installing a door on a roof.


Step 1: Open the roof

The most important point to note when installing the roof access door is that the measurement of the roof opening is the same as the clear width (internal dimensions) of the roof access door. The roof opening can be further increased by the thickness of the decorative material, such as composite panels. The trim material is flush fit with the bottom of the mounting flange of the bracket creating a neat and uniform finish.


Step 2: Yes / no increase in structure

Ensure that the support protrudes at least 80 mm from the finished roof. A thick insulation package may result in the rack being placed on a raised structure.


Step 3: Anchor hatched

Install the bracket on the roof. Ensure that the surface is completely level and install the roof access door so that it cannot be twisted or bent.


Step 4: Fix the parts

Use appropriate screws to ensure watertightness and durability for a long time. Attach roofing material to the top of the water-trap bracket. The brackets come with insulation with a layer of wood that can be attached to different types of roofing materials.


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