How to choose a roof size?

Roof hatchs of your commercial building is crucial to operate. The number of equipment and technology placed there must be easily accessible for maintenance. Unfortunately, these areas can be dangerous to reach. That is why it is important to find the safest and easiest solution to this problem. The solution is to design a one-roofed roof for your building.

Rooftop doors are often used to provide safe and convenient access to rooftop areas in commercial buildings.

 These products allow service personnel access to the roof for maintenance and facilitate the installation or removal of large equipment into or out of the building. Therefore, choosing the size of the roof door is extremely important. If using the roof door inappropriate size will make it difficult to move to the roof. This has the potential to cause accidents when working on high. Therefore, the choice of the size of a roof door must be based on the specific use goal.


If roof hatch is for personnel access only, a small model, a lid combined with a fixed ladder, or a moving staircase can usually be specified. The frequency and personal reasons for accessing the roof area may also affect the size of the roof door; For example, a larger tunnel with a ship or service staircase would allow workers to bring large tools or parts to the roof for service.


The roof hatch is larger in size and is often specified as a custom-made double cap style according to specific size requirements. The type and size of equipment will determine the size of the roof needed. It is important to contact the hatch manufacturer on the roof to verify the hardware position of the door clearly. Depending on the application, custom hardware may be required.

Another important thing is to choose the size of the door to the roof that is geographical location. Due to biological characteristics, people in different regions will have different height and weight. For example, Asians are shorter in height and weight than Europeans. Therefore, the standard size of the roof door in Asia and Europe can also be adjusted accordingly. Instead of the standard size of 800 * 800mm in Europe, in Vietnam in particular and Asia in general, this size can be adjusted to 600 * 600mm.


Choosing the right roof door for a specific building or application is a key factor that will affect the required lifespan and maintenance. During the selection process, contractors should consider the intended purpose of the hatch, whether it is new or retrofit installation, the type of facility, the location to be installed, as well as the cost of the product and calculation. Aesthetic and especially important is the size of the roof door. Choosing the right door size will make the roof access more secure and cost effective for the owner.