How much does a roof set cost?

Price is always a decisive factor in purchasing behavior. In the process of consulting and providing roof doors, we were asked a lot of questions, "How much is a roof set?" Therefore, this article will answer the customer's questions.

1. What is a roof door?

Door to roof is the door installed directly on the roof, providing convenient access to the roof, cooling installation, lift room, installation of windows, solar panels and other equipment on roof.

2. The effect of the door on the roof

Rooftop doors are often used to provide safe and convenient access to and from rooftop areas in commercial buildings. It allows service personnel access to the roof for maintenance and facilitates the installation or removal of large appliances on or off the roof.

3. Why choose quality roof doors:

Choosing the right roof door for a specific building or application is a key factor that will affect the life expectancy and maintenance of the roof in particular and the building in general. Because, the roof is installed directly on the roof and is considered a part of the roof. If the door to the roof is not of good quality, it will leak the roof, and gradually absorb water into the roof structure, causing roof damage. And you will have to spend a lot of money to replace or fix this error. Certainly, this will cost a lot more than it costs to get a good set of roof doors right from the start.

4. The cost of the roof door depends on what factors? 


The material of making a roof door is a decisive factor to the "price of the roof door". However, the choice of materials depends on environmental factors and the location of the door to the roof. For example, for highly corrosive environments such as chemical plants or in coastal areas with severe weather conditions, the top of the roof should be manufactured in aluminum or stainless steel for high corrosion resistance. Best. Brass materials can be used to match the aesthetics of heritage projects and to buildings located in historic districts. And of course, using copper roof doors will cost more if you use aluminum or stainless steel.

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Determine if a skylight will be used to simply have access to the roof or if it will serve as a means of entry for large equipment that can help determine the size of the skylight. necessary. If the roof door is for personnel access only, a small model, a lid combined with a fixed ladder, ship or service staircase can often be specified.

The frequency and personal reasons for accessing the roof area may also affect door size; For example, a larger door with a train or service stair will allow workers to bring large tools or parts to the roof for service.

In Vietnam, the common roof size is 600 * 600mm and 800 * 800mm for one visitor.

5. Which type of roof door should I choose ???

Roof doors made of galvanized steel are most commonly indicated, mainly from a cost perspective. They provide a basic level of corrosion resistance and are often provided with finish paint. Aluminum doors, often supplied to factories, workshops are slightly more expensive than galvanized steel and require little or no maintenance. In addition, they provide a higher level of corrosion resistance, especially important in coastal areas.

Stainless steel and copper products, used for unique applications, are the most expensive options. Tunnels built to meet unique size requirements often carry a high price.

When you provide us with accurate information on the above factors, we will advise you on the best roof costing option. Contact European Construction Systems Co., Ltd on 0971.594.488 for the best support.