EuroZip aluminum roof system integrates solar battery

In the previous article we gave EuroZip aluminum roof integration benefits with green building application. Besides our EuroZip aluminum roof system, we can install solar battery system on the roof. EuroZip aluminum roof system integrated with solar battery includes flame-resistant soundproof aluminum alloy roof with solar battery system built right on the roof surface without using any extra accessories. Solar cells are paired from many photovoltaic cells, solar cells are now widely used because they are easy to convert and easy to install on buildings and other structures. Solar cells can provide clean and renewable energy sources, thus providing an additional source of conventional primary power supplies. The use of this battery-powered integrated roof system helps users make the most of their advantages. It will also affect the structure of the building and is an important factor in the connection between the building system and the environment.

EuroZip aluminum roof has many advantages for installing energy battery systems such as:
- Unshielded: Especially in high-rise buildings or large public works

- The slope of the roof is easy to choose in accordance with the high operation, because it is not shielded and does not affect the aesthetics.

- Solar battery strips can be installed vertically, horizontally, tilted plates or directly affixed on the roof surface according to user requirements. Integrating into the roof is easier to integrate into the wall both aesthetically and in performance. Many battery systems with large coverage on the roof help improve the thermal mode for the building, especially in buildings with large roof areas. .

Advantages and disadvantages of battery power system:

The integrated battery system in the building and connected to the grid system has the following advantages:

- The cost of an energy battery on a roof or wall will compensate for the cost of the components that they replace.

- Energy is created in place and reduces the cost of electricity.

- When connected to the grid, the cost will be reduced due to avoiding the charge of the independent system and ensuring better power supply.

The main drawback

The current battery power drawback lies in the high cost and the price of electricity produced from this system is greater than the grid price .. (at the time of erection)

The capacity of an energy battery depends on the following factors:

- Daily change, related to the Earth's rotation and the season (relative to the direction of the earth's axis and the movement of the earth around the sun).

- Location of the land, such as solar radiation there.

- The tilt of the device.

- Azimuth.

- Shadows.

- Temperature.

Benefits brought when installing EuroZip aluminum roof system integrating solar energy

Aesthetic, integrated with the roof does not require additional screws
Optimal use of solar energy even in low light conditions.
Guaranteed design and performance up to 20 years
Self cleaning surface should require minimum maintenance
High economic efficiency due to quick installation, waterproof
Simple texture, improved heat reduction, shading the roof
Various installation options for power density
Environmental protection and optimal power generation

Photos of some projects using EuroZip aluminum roof system with integrated solar battery: