Choosing roofing materials for commercial buildings

Roofs are an important part of any commercial building and provide access to roof areas for a variety of purposes. Carefully selected access door to the roof, including construction materials, ease of operation, safety features and any necessary options, will determine its lifetime and the necessary maintenance for the court. my house.

When choosing a roof hatch, it is important to choose the right material to be compatible with the roof in terms of durability as well as leaking waterproofing, .... Typically, this decision is based on cost, aesthetics, maintenance considerations, and geographic location. Roof doors can be made of galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and copper. Galvanized steel is the most popular option. It provides a basic level of corrosion resistance and is usually provided with a finishing paint.


Aluminum is also the material of choice for roof hatch, but it will cost slightly more than galvanized steel. However, aluminum provides a higher degree of corrosion resistance, especially in coastal areas, and requires little or no maintenance after installation. Stainless steel and brass roof doors are also available, but there is a sense, but there is a considerable premium for these products. The stainless steel tunnel has the highest corrosion resistance and is installed in environments such as chemical plants or coastal areas under severe weather conditions. The copper roof is made to match the aesthetics of historical projects or buildings in historic districts.

 Whatever material you choose, you need to consider the greenness in your construction. Energy efficiency is an important consideration for all buildings, and building a proper roof door will help maintain the energy efficiency levels of an effectively constructed building.

To help maximize energy efficiency, it is important to choose adequate welding angle and insulation in the cover and curb. Many roof door manufacturers also offer insulation options for enhanced thermal performance. The tunnel roof also features overlapping cover design and full perimeter washers to ensure complete weather resistance.

Although roof hatches are convenient for employees working on the roof, they can pose a danger of being left open and unattended. To ensure worker safety, it is important that you understand the safety rules regarding the use of hatches. EuroCS can help determine which product is best suited for use with a specific roof opening. Designating an appropriate vault door and code-compliant safety device is paramount to making the roof environment safe, a comfortable workplace.