Carrasco International Airport in Urguuay.

The design of the building emphasizes its public zones and amenities, providing these areas with an abundance of open space and natural light. Arriving travellers, for example, pass through a fully glazed mezzanine level that helps orient them to the terminal space before they descend to the baggage claim and other services. A public, landscaped terrace and a restaurant occupy the second floor, providing sweeping views of the runway and the main concourse.
Independent access roads service departures on the first floor and arrivals on the ground level. An open atrium adjacent to the street entrance opens the ground floor to the monumental space of the main hall, visually and spatially linking the beginning and ending stages of a traveller’s journey.
Key features include a curved roof which maintains a low profile on the landscape, a strategic use of daylighting and views that guide travellers through arrival/departure sequence and a design that highlights public spaces for both travellers and non-travelling friends and family.