Aluminum composite sheet (ACP) - The optimal solution or just aesthetic trend?

In recent years, throughout the modern architectural works, a new construction material has been used in the construction of the work surface instead of plastering and painting traditional baits. It’s bring perfect beauty to the contrucstion. This material is an aluminum composite panel (ACP). So is ACP an optimal construction solution or just an aesthetic trend?

What is ACP?

ACP (Aluminum composite panel) is a flat sheet construction material that can be bent, cut and punched easily. The structure of ACP consists of 7 layers: the outer layer is the protective film, then the color paint, the aluminum foil layer, the glue layer, the plastic core, the glue, and the bottom aluminum layer.

Application of ACP

Widely used for exterior walling of construction works such as high-rise buildings, office buildings, commercial centers, railway stations, garages, billboards to create modern architecture for construction.

Besides, ACP is also used to cover the inside of the building, or to use as display shelves for products, making ceilings, partitions, making furniture materials instead of wood fooc ...

ACP classification

Depending on the purpose of use, ACP can be divided into 2 categories:

- ACP plate used outdoors - using PVDF paint

- Indoor ACP panels - use PET paint

Features of ACP

1. New material, creating a modern look for the project. Not only that, durability is very high, ACP is not inferior to traditional materials such as stone, brick.

2. In natural weather conditions, the material is not corroded, oxidized. The bottom and aluminum aluminum surface of the ACP plate has been surface treated to form a durable aluminum oxide layer before being painted.

3. Light: If you need to find a material with many features like granite but only 1/3 of the volume, it is the ACP plate.

4. High color durability: Material used to paint aluminum layer of ACP sheet is used world famous brands such as PPG, Kynar500, Akzonobel. has been reputed for hundreds of years. (ALUBOND USA - the world's leading aluminum cladding brand has a color warranty of over 10 years at a temperature of 45 degrees C).

5. Easy to apply, bending, cutting, punching, shaping.

6. Protection: Aluminum is one of the materials that best reflect with ultraviolet rays and electromagnetic waves, so ACP can be considered a shield to protect human health inside buildings.

7. Fireproof: Use fireproof plastic core. However, in Vietnam, not many units can produce this product.

Environmental aspects

1. Self cleaning and air cleaning: Some ACP types use titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticle technology in surface paint, TiO2 when exposed to sunlight, it acts as a catalyst. in breaking organic substances, anti-mildew, easy to clean. On the other hand, because the nano coating has a high density, ACP can prevent dust, water, stains that can be washed by rainwater without cleaning with detergents. Therefore, using ACP nanoparticles can reduce the cost of cleaning and maintenance in high-rise buildings.

2. ACP is very useful in reducing heat in construction works because it has a high Solar Reflectivity Index (SRI). Therefore, if new cities planning to use large ACP will significantly reduce the Urban Head Island effect, which could be harmful to the natural environment.

3. ACP is recyclable material. ACP recycling uses only 5-7% of the total energy needed to exploit resources and can be recycled many times for the next generation without restriction.

Advantages and disadvantages in construction


- Reduce the total construction cost: Although the construction price of ACP is quite high, but with the insulation feature, when using ACP, it is possible to ignore the traditional insulation materials in the project. On the other hand, because of the direct cladding, the total cost can be deducted for plastering, painting ...

- Good insulation also leads to low energy consumption in cooling systems, this is useful for owners.

- Fast construction: This advantage is extremely important, especially in the time of expensive labor, time is really money, rapid construction will bring maximum profits for construction contractors.


- Lack of skills is one of the main difficulties in the construction and installation of ACP.

- The market appears many poor quality ACPs, making it difficult to select and find the best quality products.


It can be said that ACP is an innovation in modern architectural style, it has optimal characteristics as well as ensuring aesthetic requirements. However, to solve the above disadvantages, it is necessary to find a reputable and quality ACP brand.

Understanding that demand, EuroCS is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Alubond USA sheets in Vietnam with quality & competitive prices. Manufactured in Dubai - one of the world's most developed countries, Alubond USA aluminum cladding overcomes the limitations of domestic products. Specifically, the level of fire resistance: The fire resistance coefficient of Alubond USA aluminum cladding is highly appreciated in the world with the fire resistance level: B1, A2. Alubond USA aluminum cladding can slow down the burning process, spread no more than 5m, limit smoke and heat from being lifted to the upper floor, absorb moisture from the air to self-extinguish fire within 60 minutes. This is the perfect and safest option for works on aesthetics, sound insulation, fireproofing and longevity.