For over 10 years our country has experienced strong growth. With the urbanization rate is promoted, the face of the capital is gradually changing, urban buildings appear more. To meet the increasing demands of consumers in the use of energy-saving materials, durable and environmentally friendly. Construction Systems Co.,Ltd, abbreviated as "EUROCS" was established and provided to the market a new material system with high technology to meet the above requirements, in accordance with the practices and climate of Vietnam.

Eurocs development goals is to provide customers with high-tech products have been used effectively in other European countries and some developing Asian countries such as Singapore, South Korea and Japan . Eurocs wants their products to be the most practical choice for customers in Vietnam, to ensure safety during construction and cost savings during use.

These products provide quality Eurocs international customer and has been appreciated in the key projects, such as Parliament House, Trang Tien Plaza, as well as a number of villas, luxury apartments Other.  Eurocs also honored the exclusive agent offers a number of products on the market Vietnam as: System anti-slip LATCHWAYS - System,UK, Aluminium solid panel from France.

With extensive experience in the field of exterior finishing materials work, is led by a team of executives and professionals with many years of directly working in the country's reputation, the production process is supervised tight, workshops satisfactory quality evaluation. Eurocs products will surely satisfy the most demanding of customers.

Looking forward to accompany you.