5 factors to consider when selecting a Roof System


The roof system you choose for your home greatly determines its durability and aesthetic value. You need to have an idea of ​​the roof system you want to use as soon as you embark on a construction project. When making this choice, you must understand that the roof helps you and your family to be safe, insulated and protected from extreme weather elements. This highlights why you need to be careful when choosing a roof system. There are certain factors, which need to be deeply considered. Here are the five most important factors.


1. Design the roof

Everyone wants to live in an aesthetic house. This is only possible if the roof has a unique design. The design of your roof will determine the roofing system you use. Ideally, the roof system will fit into the exterior design of your home. The roof system you choose will protect you from extreme climatic factors, besides adding value to your home.

2. Durability

Every homeowner wishes for a durable roof system. The resilience of your roof system depends on the durability of the roofing materials used. Whether you choose a flat or sloping roof system, you must ensure that the materials you plan to use are durable & highly recyclable. Roof durability can be enhanced through the use of double-layer membranes, of suitable thickness and properly installed.


3. Climate

When choosing a roof system for your home, the climatic conditions of the area should be carefully considered. The roof needs to withstand weathering elements like rain, strong winds and sunlight. If you live in marine areas, for example, consider selecting materials to avoid sea salt corrosion.


4. Reflectivity and heat emission

Reflection implies the ability of the roof to reflect heat back while the emissivity is the ability of the roof to dissipate heat. These two factors play an important role when selecting roofing systems. Reflections and emissions should be considered especially by people who are building houses in hot weather. Such areas require roof systems with high radiation and reflectivity. Both provide residents of a building with optimal protection against excessive temperatures. A roof with high reflectivity and emission is similar to reflecting heat away in hot weather and absorbing more heat in cold weather. This is enough to insulate you from very warm or cold weather.


5. Availability and cost of materials

Before choosing the roofing system that best suits you, you should consider the cost of implementing the entire project and the availability of roofing materials. Landlords have different preferences regarding materials for their roofs. Selecting easily available materials is recommended. This will save future costs, further when performing regular roof maintenance. The material chosen should not be too expensive as it will probably cost you your budget.


You need to do in-depth research before starting a roof building project. Choosing a roofing system for your home should involve careful thought. Having a high quality roof on your head is not negotiable. Working with experts will allow you to choose a system that suits your local climatic conditions, your budget and your home design. Unlike walls, the roof is exposed to all weather elements, which explains why you should choose a roofing system that perfectly fits the above factors.

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